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MainView - Advanced MainView Screen Functionality


1 hour


This course examines advanced MainView screen functionality such as hyperlinks and EZ Menus, which are used to quickly navigate between related MainView screens. Filtering and customization of screen data is covered in detail, highlighting options that can be used to more clearly identify specific data.


Personnel responsible for maintaining and managing the operational environment of MainView products.


Successful completion of the Interskill MainView Overview of the MainView Environment course, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Navigate MainView Screens Using EZ Menus, Hyperlinks, and View Names
  • Create Customized Views

Course Content

MainView Screens and Views

EZ Menus
Filtering Using Masks
View Stacking
Screen Splitting
Screen Customization
View Customization Options
Applying Filters
Setting Threshold Conditions
Saving and Displaying Views
VIEWS Display

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