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C/C++ on z/OS for C Programmers


1 hour


This course provides the user with a broad overview of C/C++ programming in the z/OS environment, providing examples of the types of z/OS subsystems that C/C++ programs can be used to interact with. Use of the IBM XL C/C++ compiler, and the role of the Binder are discussed when explaining how executable modules are created. The final section of this course discusses a number of z/OS features that C/C++ programmer need to be aware of when coding for the z/OS environment.


C/C++ programmers responsible for designing and coding applications to be run in a z/OS environment.


A programming background in C/C++.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • How C/C++ Programs are Compiled and Bound in a z/OS Environment
  • The Features Specifically Designed for C/C++ Programs on z/OS

Course Content

C/C++ on z/OS for C Programmers

IBM XL C/C++  Compiler
C/C++ Program Use in a z/OS Environment
z/OS Language Environment
Compiling Process and Options
Creating an Executable Module
z/OS Features Specific to C/C++ Programs

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