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CICS TS - Controlling CICS Transaction Server Operations 5.6


6 hours


This course describes how to access a CICS TS system using CICS Explorer, and how the CICS Explorer window can be modified to display various CICS TS data. Details describing how CICS Explorer help can be accessed, and the creation and integration of customized help is also covered.


IT personnel whose role is to monitor or control a CICS system.


Completion of the Interskill CICS TS - CICS Transaction Server Introduction and CICS TS - CICS Explorer Fundamentals courses.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Start and stop CICS
  • Enter CICS commands used to monitor or modify CICS resources
  • Interpret CICS messages and displays
  • Identify and Resolve common CICS problems

Course Content

CICS Startup and Shutdown

Starting CICS
CICS Startup Messages
Overriding Startup Parameters
Common Startup Problems
Performing a Normal CICS Shutdown
Immediate CICS Shutdown
Uncontrolled Shutdown

Identifying CICS Problems

The Operator's Role in Gathering CICS Problem Data
Transaction Abends
CICS System Abends
Performance Problems
Data Problems
Storage Violations
External CICS Interface Problems
Communication Issues
Log problems

Interpreting CICS Messages

Types of CICS Messages
Message Identifiers
Understanding Message Descriptions
Abend Codes
CMAC Transaction

Entering CICS Commands

Command Authority
Entering CICS Commands from:
 Terminals
 Consoles
 CICS Explorer
CEST Transaction
CICS Monitoring Facility

Resolving CICS Problems

CEMT Transaction
SET Command
CEKL Transaction
CMSG Transaction
CWTO Transaction

CICS TS - Controlling CICS Transaction Server Operations Mastery Test

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