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CICS TS - Programming for Recovery 5.6


3 hours


This course addresses how CICS code, and general CICS system facilities can be configured to handle errors, and perform recovery.


Applications and Systems Programmers who need to integrate failure recovery code into their CICS programs. The Syncpointing and Journal course will be of more interest to Systems Programmers and Operations specialists that may be involved with CICS system recovery.


    Completion of the following Interskill courses, or equivalent knowledge:
  • CIC TS - Program Control and Communication
  • CIC TS - Files and Databases
  • CIC TS - Storage and Transient Data
  • CIC TS - Programming for Web Access
  • CIC TS - Using CICS Transaction Gateway


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe how CICS programs can be configured to automatically perform error recovery processing
  • Explain how CICS recovers from application and CICS failures using syncpointing and the journal

Course Content

Exception Condition Handling

Condition Codes
CICS Default Handling
RESP and RESP2 Parameters
NOHANDLE Parameter
Java Error Handling
Condition Handling
IGNORE Condition
CICS Abends
Transaction Abend Codes
Abend Handling

Syncpointing and the Journal

CICS File Recovery
Recoverable Resources
External Resource Recoverability
Emergency Restart Mode
Forward Recovery
CICS Backup Options
CICS Journals
Syncpoint Recovery

CICS TS - Programming for Recovery Mastery Test