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COBOL Programming – Manipulating Data


6 hours


The COBOL File Handling course describes how COBOL can be used to define and process several of the common file types used in system processing. It details how sequential and direct files can be defined in the environmental division of the program, and the instructions and processes used to access data sequentially and directly through an index.


COBOL Programmers needing to access data in order to build and maintain applications programs.


Basic COBOL programming concepts and completion of the Data and Datafile Definitions in COBOL course, or equivalent.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to identify how to write the following programs by using COBOL:
  • Report programs
  • Data enquiry programs
  • Data editing programs
  • Data update programs

Course Content

File Processing

Data Hierarchy in COBOL
File Processing Concepts

Sequential File Processing

Environment Division File Information
Data Division File Information
File Processing Modes
Multiple Record Types

Direct File Processing – Indexed Files, Part 1

Using an Index to Access Files
Index Options in COBOL

Direct File Processing – Indexed Files, Part 2

Input and Output Instructions
Direct and Sequential Input and Output

Direct File Processing – Relative Files, Part 1

Using Relative Files

Direct File Processing – Relative Files, Part 2

Access and Opening Modes for Relative Files
Writing and Closing Relative Files

Cobol Programming - Manipulating Data Mastery Test