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Cloud Governance


1 hour


For organizations to successfully transition their business to the cloud they should consider strategies that will minimize associated risks. This course introduces concepts around what cloud adoption and cloud governance is and what strategies and processes are needed to ensure a business utilizes tools to aid it in a successful transition to the cloud.


This course is aimed at management, system, and cloud administrators and covers a range of topics that look at business needs, strategies, and requirements of cloud computing.


Completion of Introduction to Cloud Computing course or equivalent knowledge and basic IBM Z hardware and z/OS knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student should be able to:
  • Describe What a Cloud Adoption Strategy Is
  • Identify Key Elements of a Cloud Strategy
  • Explain What Cloud Governance Is
  • Describe the Role That Cloud Governance Plays within a Cloud Adoption Strategy

Course Content

Introduction to Cloud Governance

What is Cloud Adoption and Who Needs It?
Assessing and Defining a Strategy
Planning, Readying, and Adopting the Cloud
Cloud Adoption Frameworks
Common Challenges of Cloud Adoption
What is Cloud Governance?
The Principles of Cloud Governance

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