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DR – Data Center Disaster Recovery Planning


5 hours


Initial content is management-focused, covering the role of individuals and groups responsible for creating, modifying, and testing the organization’s Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) program. It explains broadly the tasks that need to be performed and the consequences should they fail.


Initial content is for aimed at any managers in your organization, as it provides an appreciation of the work involved in managing the organization’s BCDR program. Later courses are suitable for those involved specifically in the data center’s disaster recovery program, as it covers details on creating, managing, and running the disaster recovery program.


Successful completion of the Interskill DR -Ensuring Data Center Business Continuity course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the Characteristics of a Successful BCDR Program
  • Identify Key Data Center Personnel Roles and Tasks Associated with Disaster Recovery
  • Describe the Attributes of a Successful Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Identify Critical Data Center Resources
  • Describe General Actions to be taken when Critical Resources become Unavailable
  • Describe the Benefits of Creating Hardware and Software Inventory Lists
  • List the Entries that should Comprise a Disaster Recovery Contact List
  • Identify Security-related Information that is Relevant During a Disaster

Course Content

Organization Business Continuity Requirements

Standards Based BCDR Program
BCDR Certification
BCDR Skill Sets
Getting Started
Customer and Supplier Expectations
Compliance and Regulations
Knowing Your Business
ISO 22301
Identifying Obstacles
Program Measurements
Business Impact Analysis
Types of BCDR Plans
Training and Awareness
Testing Your BCDR Program
Types of Exercises

Data Center Disaster Recovery Planning

Data Center Disaster Recovery Roles
Disaster Recovery Team
Successful Disaster Recovery Stories
Building Your Disaster Recovery Plan
Identifying Critical Resources
Evaluating Disaster Scenarios
Establishing Communication Protocols
Assigning Responsibilities
Establishing Suitable Backup and Recovery Strategies
Testing Backups
Continually Testing and Improving
Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist
Assistance With the Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan Resources

Mainframe Hardware Unavailability
Analyzing and Recovering from Storage System Problems
Recovering from Network Degradation or Failure
Handling Power Outages
Managing Backup Power
Cooling Issues
Fire Suppression System Problems
Managing Staff During a Disaster
Considering Third-Party Service Providers
Hot, Cold, and Warm Recovery Sites

Disaster Recovery Documents

Hardware and Software Inventory
Network Documentation
Backup and Recovery Procedures
Contact Lists
Security-Related Documentation
Incident Response Plan
Compliance Documentation
Service Level Agreements

DR – Data Center Disaster Recovery Planning Mastery Test

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