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Db2 13 – Db2 Fundamentals


5 hours


The Db2 13 – Db2 Fundamentals course describes what Db2 is, how it is used and the components that comprise its structure. An overview of the SQL language, which is used to communicate with Db2, is provided along with details on how it is used with SPUFI.


Personnel requiring an introduction to Db2 and SQL.


Basic knowledge of data processing concepts.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Identify how Db2 is used and by whom
  • Describe conceptually how Db2 processes work
  • Code basic SQL statements
  • Use SPUFI to process SQL statements

Course Content

Overview of Db2

What is Db2 and how is it used?
Accessing Db2 Data
Users of Db2
Understanding the Db2 Environment
Db2 Components
Db2 Tools

Db2 Internals

How Applications and Programs Access Db2 Data
Db2 and SQL
Db2 Data Structures
Db2 Catalogs and Directories
Db2 Active and Archive Logs
Db2 Buffer Pools
Db2 and the Sysplex

Overview of SQL

Methods used to Invoke SQL
SQL Syntax
Accessing Db2 Data Using the SELECT Statement
SQL Functions and Expressions
Filtering and Sorting Data
Creating Tables
Inserting Data into Tables
Deleting Table Data
Updating Existing Table Data


What is SPUFI?
Accessing SPUFI
Entering Input and Output Requirements into SPUFI
Defining SPUFI Processing Options and Defaults
Interpreting SPUFI Output

Db2 13 – Db2 Fundamentals Mastery Test

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