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HMC – Familiarization and Operation 2.16


3 hours


This course introduces the student to the hardware management console (HMC) describing its function and importance in managing the IBM Z mainframe hardware. It describes how the HMC can be accessed, and job roles that can be configured for use. The HMC logon procedure is discussed, highlighting important information that is presented during this process. This is followed by an overview and familiarization of the HMC interface, and details on navigation techniques, and customization features. Finally, you will be introduced to a number of tasks that can be performed from the HMC, beginning with those most commonly performed and progressing to more advanced use. General information on using the HMC mobile app is also presented, covering implementation, customization, and operation of this tool.


This course is aimed at Senior Operators, System Programmers, or System Administrators that use the HMC to monitor, control, and configure mainframe enterprise system hardware.


Successful completion of the ‘Introduction to the IBM Z Systems’ course, or similar knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student should be able to:
  • Describe the Importance of the HMC and How It Can Be Configured in an IBM Z Environment
  • Describe Components of the HMC Interface
  • Use the HMC to Monitor System Activity
  • Describe How Systems and Partitions are Started and Stopped
  • Identify Tasks that can be Invoked from the HMC

Course Content

Hardware Management Console Basics

The Purpose of the HMC
Connecting to the HMC
Support Element
Hardware Management Appliance (HMA)
HMC Mobile App
Remote Support Facility
Logging onto the HMC
HMC Interface Familiarization and Navigation
HMC Help Facilities
Customizing the HMC Window

Hardware Management Console Tasks

PR/SM and DPM Modes Hardware and Operating System Messages
Monitors Dashboard
Disruptive Tasks
Daily Tasks
Activate and Load Tasks
Integrated 3270 Console
Operational Customization Tasks
Modifying LPAR Attributes
Modifying an Activation Profile
Service Tasks
Change Management Tasks
Object Definition
Configuration Tasks
Energy Management Tasks

HMC – Familiarization and Operation 2.16 Mastery Test

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