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JCL (z/OS) - JCL Coding Basics - DD Statements and SYSOUT 2.5


3 hours


The DD statement is the most often used JCL statement, responsible for defining the input and output resources required when running a program. This course looks at the coding for printed output and job SYSOUT.


Operators and programmers who need to know how to code and submit JCL batch jobs.


Completion of the JCL (z/OS) - JCL Coding Basics - JOB and EXEC Statements course, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Code a simple DD statement to create SYSOUT
  • Describe the purpose of attributes that can be assigned to SYSOUT

Course Content

Basic SYSOUT Requirements Using DD Statements

System Output - SYSOUT
SYSOUT Sub-Parameters
Copies of SYSOUT
Specifying SYSOUT Destination

Advanced SYSOUT Related Parameters and Statements

Limiting Output Produced
Holding SYSOUT
JES2 Output Statement
OUTPUT JCL Statement
Assigning Priority to Output

JCL (z/OS) - JCL Coding Basics - DD Statements and SYSOUT 2.5 Mastery Test

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