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JCL (z/OS) - Working with Procedures and Symbols 2.5


3 hours


Previous courses have described many of the statements and parameters to build a basic job. This course looks at some advanced JCL capabilities including the storing of JCL code externally and calling it in the form of a procedure or an INCLUDE group. You will also see how symbols can be incorporated into JCL, and the benefits and flexibility they can provide.


Operators and programmers who need to know how to code and submit JCL batch jobs.


Completion of the JCL (z/OS) - JCL Coding Basics - JOB and EXEC Statements and JCL (z/OS) - JCL Coding Basics - DD Statements courses, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe how cataloged and in-stream procedures are created and invoked
  • Explain how symbols are created and referenced

Course Content

Working with Procedures

What are Procedures and why are they Useful?
In-stream Procedures
Coding Catalog Procedures
JCLLIB Statement
NULLOVRD Parameter
Passing Variables to Procedures

Working with Symbols

What are JCL and System Symbols, and how are they used?
Syntax when Referencing Symbols in JCL
Using the SET Statement to Define a Symbol Value
Symbol Substitution Examples
Common Symbol Problems

JCL (z/OS) - Working with Procedures and Symbols 2.5 Mastery Test

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