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IBM MQ - MQ Operations and Administration for z/OS


4 hours


This course looks at the differences between traditional MQ, and how it is implemented and run in a z/OS environment. It discusses the use of z/OS datasets and files that need to be created as well as the procedures used to enable MQ in z/OS. You will see how traditional MQ commands map to z/OS, and how MQ resources are managed using z/OS online facilities and batch utilities. Security for MQ resources on z/OS is examined along with tools and utilities used for monitoring aspects of MQ performance.


This course is designed for system administrators/programmers, system architects, and application developers.


Completion of the Interskill IBM MQ MQ Operations and Administration course, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe How MQ Is Installed on z/OS
  • Create a Queue Manager on z/OS
  • Describe How MQ Commands Work on z/OS
  • Describe How MQ Resources Differ on z/OS
  • Describe How MQ Security Works on z/OS
  • Monitor MQ Processing
  • Identify MQ on z/OS Performance Issues

Course Content

MQ Installation and Configuration on z/OS

Using SMP/E to Install MQ on z/OS
Early Code
IBM MQ Console
Queue Manager Procedure
Channel Initiator Procedure
Bootstrap Dataset
Page Sets
Buffer Pools
System Parameter Module
ZPARM Library
Sharing MQ Queues

MQ Operations and Resources on z/OS

Mapping MQ Control Commands to z/OS
Issuing MQSC Commands
Managing MQ Resources Using ISPF
Issuing MQ Commands From Batch Jobs
Starting and Stopping a Queue Manager and Channel Initiator
z/OS Specific MQ Commands
MQ Resources on z/OS
CSQUTIL Batch Utility
Managing MQ in a Coupling Facility Structure
Managing z/OS Listener Resources

MQ Security, Monitoring, and Performance

Authenticating Users
Channel Security
Identifying Security Violation Messages
Queue Manager and Channel Initiator Output Messages
Interpreting MQ Messages
MQ Traces
Formatting Trace Records
Monitoring the Dead-Letter Queue
Using SMF to Obtain MQ Statistics and Accounting Information
Other Tools Used to Gather MQ Performance Data
Areas That Affect MQ Performance

IBM MQ - MQ Operations and Administration for z/OS Mastery Test

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