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Python – Python on z/OS Fundamentals


1 hour


This course provides the user with a broad overview of Python programming in the z/OS environment, covering the installation of Python and its prerequisites, as well as the construction and execution of Python scripts using the z/OS UNIX Shell and the BPXBATCH utility. Additionally, students will learn about various encoding options for Python files and how to tag files appropriately. Furthermore, the course provides an overview of the packages included with IBM Python, as well as suggestions for other useful packages that can be implemented.


Python programmers responsible for designing and coding applications to be run in a z/OS environment.


A programming background in Python.


    After completing this course, the student should be able to:
  • Describe how Python works in a z/OS environment
  • Create and run a simple Python script, in a z/OS environment

Course Content

Introduction to Python on z/OS

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python
Installing Python using pax and SMP/E
Python Interpreter
Python Scripts
Advantages of Running Python
Encoding Options
File Tagging
Character Sets
APF Authorization
Z Open Automation Utilities
Python Packages
Installing Packages

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