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Quantum – Easy Introduction to Quantum Computing – Expert Videos


45 minutes


In this expert video, Quantum computing is explored from its inception to its current state and future possibilities. The presenter delves into the specifics of what Quantum computing is and clears up common misconceptions about its purpose. The video also provides an overview of the prominent hardware and software providers in the Quantum computing space and highlights their current offerings. Additionally, the video showcases various practical applications of Quantum computing, which helps to explain the hype surrounding this exciting technology.


This is aimed at individuals who are interested in a career with Quantum computing, or individuals that are interested in the workings and application of this technology.




    After completing this course, the student should be able to:
  • Describe the differences between Quantum computing and traditional computing
  • List the major organizations involved with Quantum computing, and the services they provide
  • Identify real life applications for Quantum computing

Course Content

About this Series

Quantum Computing’s Rapid Evolution
Future Insight Into Quantum Computing
Overview of Video Presentations in this Series

What is Quantum Computing and What is it Not?

Differences Between Traditional Computing and Quantum Computing
Quantum Interference
Real Life Interference and its Relation to Calculation
Quantum Entanglement
Boolean Versus Linear Algebra
Quantum Computing Misconceptions

Who is Doing Quantum Computing?

Major Players in Quantum Computing
IBM and Google – Superconducting Transmon-based Quantum Computing
Microsoft – Topological Quantum Computing
IonQ – Ion Trap Quantum Computing
Xanadu – Photonic Quantum Computing
D-Wave – Quantum Annealing

When Can you Expect to See Quantum Computing?

Beginnings of Quantum Computing
Impressive Progress
IBM Eagle 127-qubit Processor
Obstacles – Reliability, Scaling, and Preservation of Quantum States

Where is Quantum Computing?

Accessing Quantum Computing
IBM Quantum Composer
Qiskit Introduction
Azure Quantum
Xanadu Strawberry Fields Development Kit
Amazon Braket
Qiskit Metal
Quantum Computing Communities

Why are People Moving Forward on Quantum Computing?

Driven by the Desire for Speed
Applications for Quantum Computing
Quantum Safe Encryption

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