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Quantum – Installing Qiskit on IBM LinuxONE – Expert Videos


45 minutes


This expert video delves deeper into the capabilities of Qiskit, an open-source quantum computing software development kit. The instructor provides an in-depth explanation of its functionality before demonstrating the process of downloading and installing Qiskit onto a LinuxONE server. This is done in order to prepare for the execution of a quantum program within the IBM Quantum environment.


This is aimed at individuals who are interested in a programming career with Quantum computing.


Successful completion of the Interskill, Quantum- Easy Introduction to IBM Quantum Computing Expert Video series, or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student should be able to:
  • Create a LinuxONE server instance in the IBM Community Cloud
  • Install Qiskit onto LinuxONE
  • Use Qiskit to run a Quantum program

Course Content


Overview of Video Presentations in this Series

Meet IBM Quantum Computing

Opening Up Quantum Computing
IBM Quantum Computing Offerings
Quantum Composer
Quantum Labs
Gates, Wires, and Qubits
Qubit Amplitude and Phase
Quantum Computing Register and Qubits

Meet Qiskit, the Python Library to Access IBM Q

Quantum Computing Toolkit – Qiskit
Obtaining Qiskit from GitHub
Qiskit Community
Qiskit Textbook
Qiskit Components

Setting up a Free Linux Virtual Server on LinuxONE in the Cloud

Benefits of Using LinuxONE for cloud-based Quantum computing
IBM LinuxONE for Dummies
LinuxONE Community Cloud
Service Catalog
Deleting, Creating, and Managing Your Server Instance

Installing Qiskit on LinuxONE

Ensuring Linux Packages are Current
Setting History File Defaults
Checking that git is Installed
Installing Qiskit Terra and IBM Q Provider
Verifying the Install
Running a Simple Quantum Program

Using Qiskit on LinuxONE

Quantum Composer Features
Qiskit High-Level Algorithms
Dissecting a Quantum Program

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