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REXX – Coding and Execution Basics


4 hours


In this course you will discover that REXX has simple syntax and coding requirements compared to many other programming languages. You will look at the general structure of a REXX program concentrating on the types of data that can be coded. This is then wrapped around best practices, using your organization’s standards and general programming rules. Finally, you will see where and how REXX program code is stored, and the different ways it can be invoked.


Personnel responsible for writing or maintaining REXX programs.


Successful completion of the Interskill REXX – Fundamentals course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Describe the syntax requirements for REXX
  • Identify best practice REXX coding
  • Save and locate REXX programs
  • Identify methods used for invoking REXX programs

Course Content

REXX Coding Rules

Specifying Comments
General Formatting
Characters and Symbols
Single and Double Quotes
Continuing and Ending a Statement
Keyword Instructions
Null Clause
Command Clause

REXX Best Practice and Tips

Good Programming Habits
Organizational Standards
Comment Expectations
Code Indentation
Naming Variables
Use of Case
Issuing Host System Commands
Using Subroutines
Special Characters
Using NOP
Blank Lines and Spaces

Saving and Invoking REXX Programs

Storing REXX Programs
Implicit and Explicit Invocation
Passing Data to REXX
Invoking REXX from ISPF
Running REXX as a Macro
Invoking REXX from a Batch Job
Running a REXX Program from a z/OS Shell
Running REXX from an Application Program
Executing REXX Using Zowe CLI
Benefits of Compiling REXX
Compilation Methods and Options
Compiler Listing

REXX – Coding and Execution Basics Mastery Test

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