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SA z/OS - Automation Definitions Introduction and Workshop


3 hours


The SA z/OS - Automation Definitions Introduction and Workshop course, begins by describing the key Entry Types that can be defined in an SA z/OS policy database, and their purpose. Following this, a workshop-style module provides you with hands-on exercises used to create an application, application group and related automation definitions.


This course is suitable for IBM Z System Automation administrators who are required to define system and application automation.


Successful completion of the Interskill SA z/OS - IBM Z System Automation course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Identify Key Entry Type Definitions
  • Explain When and Where Key Entry Types Are Required
  • Explain How Entry Types Are Linked to Other Entries
  • Describe How to Define a PDB
  • Explain the Steps Needed to Develop and Add Applications to a PDB
  • Create Entries in a PDB
  • Describe How to Distribute Configuration Files

Course Content

IBM System Automation for z/OS - Introduction to Automation Definitions

Basic Policy Database Entries
Defining the Enterprise
Group Entries
System Entries
Linking Systems to a Sysplex
Application Groups
Service Periods
Events and Linked Triggers
Monitor Resource Entries

IBM System Automation for z/OS - Defining Automation Entry Types

Identifying Application Requirements
Creating a Policy Database
Add-On Policies
Creating Groups
Group Policies
Adding System Entries to a Group
Defining Applications and Application Groups
Linking Applications to Application Groups
Setting Resource Preferences
Nesting Groups
Creating Service Periods
Adding Timers
Building and Distributing Configuration Files

SA z/OS - Automation Definitions Introduction and Workshop Mastery Test

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