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SA z/OS - IBM Z System Automation


1 hour


The SA z/OS - IBM Z System Automation course provides the learner with a basic understanding of what IBM Z System Automation is and how it can be used in today’s modern enterprise. The course begins with looking at some of the benefits the product provides in managing system resources through automation. The course also covers the various components that enable automation functionality. Finally, the course delves further into what tools are available for IT personnel to interact with use with IBM Z System Automation.


This course is suitable for all IT personnel that require an introductory overview to IBM Z System Automation.


A basic understanding of z/OS concepts and IBM Z hardware.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe How IBM Z System Automation Can Be Used to Control Resources
  • Describe the Components and Key Concepts of IBM Z System Automation
  • Identify Various Tools Used for Both Monitoring and Managing Resources

Course Content

Introduction to IBM Z System Automation

Requirements for SA z/OS
Single Point of Control
Controlling and Automating Resources
Benefits of SA z/OS
Roles and Responsibilities
System Operations and Processor Operations
Automation Manager and Automation Agent
Automation Manager and Automation Agent Interactions
Customization Dialog
Policy-Based Automation
Starting and Stopping SA z/OS
Status Display Facility (SDF)
Starting and Stopping Resources

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