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Storage - Networks, Administration, and DASD Management Using ICKDSF 2.5


4 hours


This course provides an overview of network storage configurations and the monitoring and management tasks associated with the Storage Administrator role are also discussed.


This course is suitable for Storage Administrators new to this position or senior data center staff that require general knowledge of the storage network and its management.


Successful completion of the "Introduction to Storage and Disk Systems" course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Identify Components of a Storage Network
  • Describe the Characteristics of Various Storage Networks
  • Identify Storage Components that Require Monitoring
  • List Storage Management Tasks Performed by the Administrator
  • Invoke ICKDSF to Initialize DASD Volume

Course Content

Overview of Networked Storage

Storage Network Components
Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
Storage Area Network (SAN)
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
IP Storage Networks
Cloud Storage Configurations

Storage Administrator Basics

Storage Components Requiring Monitoring
Monitoring Storage Performance
Key Storage Performance Metrics
Managing the Storage Configuration
Monitoring and Managing Storage Capacity
Disaster Recovery
Backup, Recovery and Archiving
Data Security Management
Data Compliance Regulations

Introducing ICKDSF

Overview of ICKDSF Functions
Environments Supporting ICKDSF
Invoking ICKDSF from z/OS, z/VSE and z/VM
ICKDSF Maintenance and Configuration Capabilities

Storage - Networks, Administration, and DASD Management Using ICKDSF 2.5 Mastery Test

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