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ISPF (z/OS) - Managing Data Files and Definitions with ISPF/PDF 2.5


5 hours


The Managing Data Files and Definitions with ISPF/PDF course explains how to use the ISPF menu options to display the contents of Data Sets and how functions such as; copying, printing, renaming, and deleting are performed on these objects.


Computer operators and trainee programmers or analysts who want a working knowledge of ISPF utilities.


An understanding of data set allocation and familiarity with editing data sets.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Use the common ISPF Utilities
  • Create and manage data sets
  • List data sets
  • Identify data set and VTOC information

Course Content

Managing Data Sets Using the ISPF Data Set Utility

Identify Partitioned and Sequential Data Sets
Access the Data Set Utility and View Data Set Information
Allocate, Rename, and Delete Data Sets

Managing Partitioned Data Sets Using the ISPF Library Utility

Print, Copy, Rename, and Delete Partition Data Set Members Using the Library Utility

The ISPF Copy, Search, and Statistics Utilities

Copy or Move Data Sets or Members of Data Sets
Reset and Delete ISPF Statistics
Search a Data Set or Members of a Data Set for Text Entries

Managing Data Sets Using the DSLIST Utility

Display Lists of Data Sets and z/OS UNIX Directories and Files Using DSLIST
Identify and Use the Common DSLIST and TSO Commands in a Data Set List
Display the VTOC of Specific Volumes

ISPF (z/OS) - Managing Data Files and Definitions with ISPF/PDF 2.5 Mastery Test

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