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Utilities - Sort and Update Data Utilities 2.5


3 hours


This course looks IEBUPDTE and DFSORT utilities and provides real-life examples describing how they are used to modify and sort data set content. The JCL requirements for these utilities, along with their control statement syntax, is also covered in detail.


Operators, application and system programmers who have a need to code and execute batch utilities that are used for manipulating data set content.


Basic z/OS processing concepts and JCL knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify scenarios where IEBUPDTE can be used
  • Create JCL to invoke the IEBUPDTE utility program
  • Use the DFSORT program to copy, merge, and sort data

Course Content

Modifying Data Using IEBUPDTE

Function of IEBUPDTE
Adding and Replacing Data
Modifying the Contents of a Data Set
Invoking a Copy Using the REPRO Statement
NUMBER and DELETE Detail Statement
ENDUP Statement

Introduction to DFSORT

Purpose of DFSORT
DFSORT JCL Requirements
Identifying Sort Criteria
Coding Sort Statements
Merging Data Sets
Copying Data Sets
Including and Omitting Data
Totaling Numeric Data
Reformatting Data
Creating Multiple Output Files

Utilities - Sort and Update Data Utilities 2.5 Mastery Test

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