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Assembler Instructions


7 hours


The Assembler Instructions course describes how to code instructions which will perform: arithmetic calculations, data comparisons and branching. Details of various Assembler linkage conventions and how they are used are also discussed.


System or application programmers who code Assembler programs or maintain system related programs and user exits


Completion of the "Introduction to Assembler" course or equivalent experience, knowledge of programming concepts, and experience with IBM MVS architecture


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify how to code an Assembler program by using the z/OS instruction repertoire
  • Recognize ways of linking to internal and external Assembler routines

Course Content

Loading and Storing

Load and Store Instructions
Load Multiple and Store Multiple Instructions
Insert and Store Characters
Load Address Instruction

Binary Arithmetic

Binary Arithmetic Instructions
Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide
Algebraic Shifts
Logical Shifts
Data Conversion Instructions

Decimal Arithmetic

Data Movement Instructions
Decimal Arithmetic
Shift and Round
Logical and Boolean Operations


Logical Comparisons
Binary Integer Comparisons
Decimal and Bit String Comparisons
Sequencing and Control
Branch Instructions


Program Linkage
Subroutine Linkage
Linkage Stack
Bi-Modal Linkage

Assembler Instructions Mastery Test