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CLIST Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
CLIST – Basics 3 The CLIST Basics course introduces the Command LIST (CLIST) interpreted language for the z/OS environment. It examines the commands and statements used by the CLIST language. It also shows how it can be used in conjunction with TSO commands and facilities to assist the general operations of z/OS..
CLIST – Advanced CLIST Coding 4 This course exposes the learner to more advanced CLIST functions available for developing executable CLISTs. Topics cover aspects such as control variables, built-in functions as well as defining CLIST options and using error and attention exits.
CLIST – Performing I/O with CLIST
1 This course focuses on using CLISTs for the purpose of reading and interpreting data entered from the terminal. Also discussed are how CLIST can be used to read and write data to and from data sets.

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