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IDz - IBM Developer for z/OS Basics


4 hours


This course introduces the programmer to the IBM Developer for z/OS (IDz) product describing its purpose and features, how it is installed, and access to resources on a host system.


Although designed for application development personnel preparing to use IBM Developer for z/OS (IDz), this course is also an excellent introduction for anyone needing to know the basics of IDz, from management to application testers.


Completion of the IBM (z/OS) - Introduction to the IBM Enterprise environment and the IBM (z/OS) - IBM Development Environment Overview courses.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how IDz is used
  • Identify IDz components and features
  • Describe the steps associated with implementing IDz
  • Describe how mainframe files are accessed and edited

Course Content

Introduction to IBM Developer for z/OS

What is IBM Developer z/OS (IDz)?
Supported programming languages and application environments
IDz screen layout
IDz host and client components
IDz Security
IDz Editors
Templates and wizards
Source File Management
Execution, testing, and debugging features

Getting Started with IBM Developer for z/OS

IDz prerequisites
Installing and starting IDz
IDz perspectives
Connecting to a remote system
Projects and subprojects
Property groups

Working with Datasets and Jobs

Remote Systems View
Working with files, directories, and datasets
MVS file mapping
Issuing system commands
Viewing Jobs and JES SPOOL
Code creation wizards
Code snippets
Outline view
Program Control Flow view
Data Elements view

IDz - IBM Developer for z/OS Basics Mastery Test