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IBM Z - Hardware Models - z13


2 hours


This course introduces the IBM z13 mainframe server, describing its capabilities and new features. It then focuses on the key z13 hardware components and the I/O structure used to transport data through the system.


This course is for Operators, System Programmers, or System Administrators that require a technical understanding of the IBM z13 mainframe, its components, and how it processes data.


Successful completion of the IBM Z - Introduction to the IBM Z Systems course, or similar knowledge.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe the key features of the z13
  • List the main components of the z13 and z13s
  • Describe the technology used to move data through a z13 mainframe

Course Content

z13 Mainframe and Components

z13 configurations
Capacity settings
Temporary and permanent capacity upgrades
Comparison to the EC12 predecessor
Frame configuration
Processor drawers
Single chip module
Processor unit configurations

z13 I/O and Entry-Level System Comparison

Channel Subsystem
I/O and PCIe I/O drawers
Flash Express
zEDC Express
RoCE Express
z13s entry-level system
z13s hardware components

IBM Z - Hardware Models - z13 Mastery Test

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