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z/OS - Advanced z/OS Monitoring Facilities 2.5


4 hours


This course provides an overview of system monitoring tools and facilities such as RMF, z/OSMF, traces and EREPS as well as a description on how SMF data is created and managed. This course also discusses the need for message suppression and describes how this is achieved.


Senior computer operators and technical support personnel that need to monitor z/OS system activity.


Successful completion of the z/OS - Displaying z/OS System Activity 2.5 course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify z/OS facilities used to gather information on system activity
  • Describe how SMF gathers z/OS system data
  • Suppress specific z/OS system messages

Course Content

Using Advanced Monitoring Facilities

Monitoring System Resource Use
RMF Data
z/OSMF Monitoring Capabilities
Trace Facilities
Error Recording

Working with SMF

Recording SMF Data Using a Log Stream or Data Sets
Displaying SMF Data Set Status
Switching SMF Data Sets

MPF and Message Suppression

Message Suppression
Message Flow
MPF List Entries
Operator Commands used to Display and Modify MPF Lists
z/OS Message Flood Automation

z/OS - Advanced z/OS Monitoring Facilities 2.5 Mastery Test

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