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Improved Training Results

The human brain is in many ways still a mystery, but there is one thing we know for sure! Whatever mode of training you use, as soon as you have completed the course your mind starts forgetting what you have learned!

On Day 1, at the end of the (classroom/e-learning/book) course, you know 100 percent of what you know, however well you know it.

By Day 2, if you have done nothing with the information you learned in that course, didn’t think about it again, read it again, etc., you will have lost roughly 30 percent of what you learned. Our brains are constantly recording information on a temporary basis: scraps of conversation heard on the sidewalk, what the person in front of you is wearing, etc. Because the information isn’t necessary and it doesn’t come up again, our brains dump it all off, along with what was learned in the course that you actually do want to remember!

By Day 7, we remember around half, and by Day 30, we retain about 20 to 30 percent of the original subject matter!

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You can change the shape of the curve!

A big signal to your brain to hold onto a specific piece of information is if that information comes up again. When you are exposed to the same information repeatedly, it takes less and less time to “activate” the information in your long term memory, and it becomes easier for you to retrieve the information when you need it.

Using “at your fingertips” mainframe e-learning courses and assessments as a ready reference tool or instantly accessible refresher course dramatically increases retention rates on your structured classroom/in-house/e-learning training!

Adds Pedagogical Benefits

Online learning features also have pedagogical benefits. From the student viewpoint, frequent course interaction and assessment provides concept reinforcement and increases motivation. Managers can analyze progress and results as their schedule allows, knowing that it is only ever a few mouse clicks away. Students can access courses and assessments at any time, privately and in the comfort of their own workspace. Since grading is computerized, students receive immediate feedback. This may also help students who suffer from test anxiety; allowing students to relax and minimize embarrassment for those that do poorly.