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Cross Trained Workforce

A broad range of mainframe training, instantly available and at your workforce’s fingertips, enables your personnel to cross train or multi skill.

There are immense benefits to cross training employees to be able to perform in more than one mainframe job role. Many progressive companies are realizing the tangible advantages of versatile, cross trained employees and as a result, actively engage in this training. Mainframe organizations also see the relationship between cross training and increased productivity when the training is implemented correctly.

Here are some of the many ways cross training relates to increased productivity in the workplace:
  • No Lapse in Tasks

    If someone goes on vacation, sick leave, company business or has any other kind of absence, the work is not interrupted. When only one staff member is responsible for and able to do a job, if the member of the team is out, the productivity stemming from their job halts until they return. Cross training ensures productivity continues no matter who is out of the office and regardless of the length of time necessary for the absence. In this respect, there is a distinct connection between cross training and productivity.

  • Incentive and Motivation

    The connection between cross training and productivity is more subtle when it comes to incentive and motivation for employees. The reason for this is twofold.

    • Cross training offers employees the opportunity to increase skills and open up more avenues for promotional prospects. Employees who are interested or anxious to climb the corporate ladder will in all probability be more productive in order to prove themselves. Cross training gives these staff members a terrific opportunity to demonstrate and show their supervisors what they're made of in terms of capability.
    • For the employer, cross training has a possibility to heighten enthusiasm of staff which will stimulate energy. With an energized staff, the potential for productivity significantly increases.

  • Can Reduce or Eliminate Boredom

    When people become bored with doing the same thing day in, day out, their work can become tedious. As a result staff may come to dread the monotony and become less productive than if they were energized towards their jobs. Cross training can alleviate or eliminate job monotony.

  • Deeper Understanding

    Cross training gives employees a better understanding of how your mainframe system works and how your business runs from multiple perspectives. This often changes the dynamics in an employee's thinking, and as a result, they understand how important each job and the tasks processes associated with it, is to daily operations. As a result production goes up because everyone has a stake in each daily operation being brought to fruition.

    Cross training employees is advantageous to both employer and employees. Employers enjoy higher levels of productivity because there's always someone around to effectively get the job done. Staff get the opportunity to spread their wings, explore new heights, and grow personally and professionally.