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Across your organization, mainframe computing professionals are striving to keep your Mainframe system running at its best, complete critical projects, and help the company exceed business goals. Given the realities of mainframe computing today, when an hour's delay can have a serious business impact, the development and maintenance of critical mainframe skills is essential!

Interskill Learning's e-learning curriculum provides a rich array of content assets and flexible delivery technologies to support the full range of formal and on-demand learning needs of mainframe computing organizations today. With instant access to the right resources, learning is continually available close to the work, resulting in immediate impact to critical mainframe decisions and projects.

Interactive, Engaging & Effective

Interskill Learning is serious about creating a successful learning experience for your mainframe and midrange IT personnel. Rather than just focusing on the technical aspects of online learning, we try to focus on the learning itself, and how technology can be used to facilitate advanced learning outcomes.


Simulation of Mainframe Environments

The experience and familiarity gained serve to not only increase the students knowledge and skill level, but to boost their confidence when working on the live system. In addition to the simulations spread throughout our courses, we even offer a z/OS console simulator. Students will gain hands on expertise in manual IPL and shutdown procedures, as well as practicing a multitude of other commands.

Reference Tools

Ongoing Reference Tools

The new indexing feature allows students to access particular sections of the training as an ongoing reference tool. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, this content is always at your peoples fingertips. Whether as a refresher to a course you have long since completed or a quick reminder on a technique or concept before an upcoming project, e-learning is no longer just an online class, it is an ongoing learning solution.

Over 250 Courses

Unmatched breadth, depth and currency of courseware

Each of Interskill's 200+ courses can be completed by itself but typically we consider each course as one component of a complete training solution. A real strength of this e-learning comes when your people have completed multiple courses on multiple facets of their work environment and job competency. It offers the opportunity to build a cross trained, multi-skilled mainframe workforce.
All courses are kept up to current version so even your senior people will benefit by keeping up with the latest releases of your core software.
This training is also invaluable to pre-train your people before you upgrade current software or implement new software.

Console Simulations

Testing Throughout

All our mainframe e-learning content is designed as a structured course. It teaches basic principles or skills, promotes understanding, and then builds on that strong foundation with further principles or skills. Insuring this understanding at each stage is achieved by continual testing throughout all of the course modules.

Testing methods are designed to be the most effective for the content being taught. i.e.

  • Testing on concepts is done with multiple choice, fill the blank and various combinations of drag and drop questions to stimulate the user.
  • Testing on applications that are heavily screen based (ISPF, SDSF etc) utilize screen simulations and ask the student to enter commands and accomplish tasks.
  • Testing on coding (JCL, COBOL, CICS, etc) asks the student to actually practice their coding skills.

Benefits of eLearning

A comprehensive curriculum of state-of-the-art elearning is an essential component of any modern, effective, mainframe workforce education program! It offers you: