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Reduce Training Costs

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Undeniably, Mainframe Training expenditure is significantly reduced by using e-learning as the core of your mainframe education program!

It’s , and Mainframe Organizations worldwide typically deliver at least 50% of their training via e-learning with the remainder delivered via classroom, conferences, in-house training and mentoring.

Here are just a few of the ways elearning reduces Mainframe Training Costs:

Lower Cost Per Course

Firstly and most obviously, mainframe organizations realize significant savings from lower cost of courses compared to traditional classroom training. Large mainframe organizations pay only $10-$20 per course for elearning vs. $500-$1,000 and more per classroom course!

Plus, eLearning’s 12 months unlimited access license model offers ongoing additional value as courses can be repeated as many times as needed as a refresher and/or as a quick reference tool.

No Travel and Related Costs

Travel expenses, hotel accommodation, meals, and other travel expenses associated with traditional onsite training add significantly to your overall mainframe training expenditure. eLearning is always available, right at your workplace with no travel or travel related costs ever incurred!

Cover For Those Away Training

When you have personnel away at training, you are either running your organization short staffed or you are paying another person to cover the Trainee’s work. Either way, their absence is costing your organization money. e-Learning enables your mainframe personnel to be at their workplace and available while completing their training during short, scheduled training periods, available breaks or downtime. Why is this one block grey?

More Efficient Use of Available Training Time

In today’s mainframe computing workforce, two factors are typically in short supply: Training Dollars and available Training Time. You need to combat BOTH!

You must insure that your mainframe computing personnel can train at every available opportunity to maximize ROI and overall results. Having global, anywhere-anytime access to mainframe elearning means that significantly more mainframe training is completed annually, as it can be utilized at every available training opportunity!

Always Consider the Importance of ROI

Return on investment is calculated not only on the cost per person but on the amount of training and the breadth of training that each mainframe employee completes in a year. Spending all of an employee’s annual training budget allocation on one class covering one topic, rarely delivers the best training ROI.

Anywhere-anytime access to elearning sees significantly more mainframe training completed annually as it can be utilized at every available training opportunity! Training is done frequently and regularly, scheduled and impromptu, anywhere and anytime, all driving up the ROI.

Having anywhere-anytime access to hundreds of mainframe topics sees mainframe personnel training on, and updating, a broader range of the myriad skills they require to be successful in their mainframe computing job roles. Year after year, you raise the overall skill level of your entire mainframe workforce!

Further organizational ROI is gained from having a highly skilled and multi skilled mainframe workforce running your mainframe organization. Improved performance, fewer errors and down time, improved productivity, less delays; are all a direct result of the widespread completion of a broad spectrum of quality mainframe training!

Please also consider that the ROI of training is not just measured per year. Every mainframe skill and every piece of mainframe knowledge arms your personnel for the rest of their careers! From an investment you make this year, you receive ROI for the next 20, 30, 40 years!